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Habit Creator
The Currency

Optimize your energy by refining your goals, habits & lifestyle.

Price: 8.99 USD

What if everything you did in life contributed to your overall energy or currency?


The Currency Tracker helps you identify how you use your energy, where you spend it and how you can improve your life by redefining the use of your personal currency. 

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Emotional Freedom-2.png
Emotional Healing

Train your emotions to work for you not against you.

Price: 8.99 USD

This guide is a 7-day workbook designed to give you the tools you need to face your subconscious mind and emotional habits. 

Through NLP (neurolinguistic programming) you'll learn how to manage triggers and reprogram the mind when they come. 

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Healing Through

Emotional guidance for grief and loss.

Price: 3.50 USD

Struggling in silence? Healing Through Miscarriage is a guided workbook that helps you acknowledge and process the emerging emotions. 

Through the energy system you begin the process of healing. 

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